Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Research Questions

Why does the adoption process take several years and cost so much?
What causes people to stay in relationships involving domestic violence?

I like these two questions because they are subjects that I do not know a lot about, and am interested in researching them further.  I would start researching adoption and the several steps used to complete an adoption.  For domestic violence, I would most likely start with finding a proper definition of what domestic violence is.  The most probable answer for why the adoption process takes so long would be because they are making sure the couple or parent is a suitable fit for the child.  I assume that people stay in relationships where they are subjected to domestic violence because of fear of their significant other.

It might be difficult trying to figure out why people stay in situations with domestic violence, because most of the information would have to come from those people themselves.  That would be the most credible source to answer that question.

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