Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ronson Chapters 6 & 7

In chapter seven of Ronson's, The Psychopath Test, Ronson evaluates the means that journalists and producers use to pick interviewees.  Ronson's friend Adam was questioning Ronson about his research which really got him thinking about how interviewees are picked and what makes them good interviews.  Ronson interviewed Charlotte who used to be a guest booker for a variety of television shows, and learned about the cruel ways that guests are evaluated and picked to appear on television.  Ronson thought this was pretty horrible, but then thought to himself that his interviews and methods have been no where near as awful as most journalists.

Chapters six and seven give more information about how many CEO's could possibly be psychopaths and why that might be helpful for a company.  I thought it was very interesting how Ronson interviewed Al Dunlap and really wasn't sure what to think afterwards.  Dunlap had several characteristics of a psychopath, but had other traits that were opposite of a psychopath and seemed fairly reasonable.  I also thought it as very interesting that Charlotte in chapter seven did all those awful things but never really wanted to.  She did it just because she needed to wok and make money, and that makes me think of all the people i consider awful and cruel in the media industry that maybe only do the things they do because they are told to and have to.  Most of them most likely don't enjoy being mean, but are forced to or be unemployed.

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