Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ronson Chapters 8 & 9

In chapter eight, Ronson tells the story of Rachel North experiencing a terrorist attack, and how there are theorists that try to deny all of it.  Rachel was devastated after the bomb went off, and started to blog like crazy, until one day when she came across another web page that had used her exact words from her blog. On this page, it was explained that this attack was really a conspiracy, and it was the government's way of controlling population.  Rachel was furious, and started to write to the conspiracy theorists that she was there and it was indeed a bomb, but the more she fought, the more the theorist started to believe that Rachel was a part of the conspiracy.  David Shayler, the leader of this conspiracy group, made his followers believe that Rachel wasn't even a person, until she really met with them in person.  He then said that she was several people because she could not post that many blogs alone.  Ronson decides to meet with Shayler, which actually turn into an argument because Shayler is clearly crazy.  At one point, Shayler tries to convince people that he is the Messiah.  All of Shayler's crazy theories were covered somewhat on the news, but some more than others, and Ronson would like to know why.  At the end of the chapter, Ronson comes to the conclusion that media likes someone who is crazy, but not crazy enough to be unbelievable.

I liked Ronson's fire in these two chapters.  You get to see him actually get angry and argue, which is a new side of him we have not yet experienced.  I laughed so hard when Shayler thought he was the Messiah, and that is when I thought to myself, "Okay you are getting a little too crazy now for me to relate to what you are saying."  We are getting closer and closer to the end of the book, and I still don't feel any conclusions starting to come together, or any sign that the book from the beginning is going to reappear.

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